Creation and delivery of OV and VF DCP packages

for your Feature films, Documentaries, Shorts, Trailers

Original Version (OV) DCP Package

This package includes your main video and audio files.

2K or 4K, any aspect or frame rate DCP Mastering fee is 4 Euros / min.

Encryption and first KDM offered at no extra cost.

Price per additional KDM fee is 10 Euros

You can find information about acceptable file formats here.

Version File (VF) DCP Package

This packages works with OV DCP package and includes different audio track or subtitle file.

Per VF DCP Mastering fee is 50 Euros


You can send your hard drive or USB stick for file transfer or

buy DCI Compliant USB3 EXT2 hard drive from us.

Also we provide online delivery.

  • Upload of any file up to 20Gb - 5 Euros

  • Upload between 20Gb-100Gb - 15 Euros

  • Upload additional 100Gb - 10 Euros