Transcription, translation and spotting services for the festivals and theater showings,

VOD, DCP, DVD and Blu-ray processes of your projects.

Timed Text Creation / Spotting

The first step in the preparation of the subtitles, is the creation of a master template file. This file, indicates the in and out timecodes of the subtitles, and is created based on multiple industry standard rules, such as the number of characters per line (CPL), the number of characters shown per second (CPS), not adding subtitles to scene transitions etc.

The preparation fee of this template file, is calculated either based on total word count, or total video length. As some videos can be quite long, but may contain less dialogue (e.g. horror movies), while some can be dialogue-heavy (e.g. comedies).

The main template can be created in two ways:

1-Template Creation via Transcription of Original Audio into Native Language

With this method, all the dialogues and screen texts in your project, are transcribed with all the in and out times. An srt file and an Excel file are created, abiding to the rules mentioned above. The advantage of using this method, is that it allows us to use the transcription to create subtitles for the hearing impaired (SDH). Moreover, the Excel file, is shared with the translators via Google Drive. Translators may review the rules to which they must adhere, from within this file.

The total number of words is naturally revealed, once the transcription has been completed. Due to this, it is not possible to provide a total fee based on word count upfront. However, for our clients who prefer to have a total fee upfront, we are able to calculate it based on total video length, rated at 7 Euros / minute.

For our clients who prefer to wait until the word count is revealed, fee is rated at 10 Euros / 100 words.

2-Template Creation via Spotting Only

With this method, the transcription has previously been completed by another party, or the translation of the dialogues has been completed and we are provided with a plain text file. This text file is then spotted, again abiding to the same rules that apply to all subtitles and a master template file is created.

The fee for a template creation using this method, is rated at 5 Euros / minute, or 8 Euros / 100 words.

Adaptation & Conforming

In instances, when there is a need for multiple languages, an Excel file is created for every language and shared with the translators via Google Drive. Following the translation process, the subtitles are reviewed for any errors and inconsistencies. Due to every language having a different structure, subtitles are edited timewise, either by extending or shortening the on-screen time, and slots are divided or merged, if necessary.

The fee of this process is rated at 3 Euros / minute or 5 Euros / 100 words, per every individual language.


We are able to provide subtitles in various formats, such as .srt, .itt, dcp-xml etc.

Additionally, we are able to burn the subtitles over the video file and upload onto

online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

We are also able to provide services to send your projects for film festival selections,

in compliance with the relevant festival's technical guidelines.

For these delivery services, the encoding and upload fee is 1 Euros / 10 minute